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A 3-Minute Jazz-Folk Symphony: Larry Mindel’s New Single ‘Whisper The World Away’

Larry Mindel’s latest single is a sophisticated and intricate jazz-folk track that lingers like a warm, Summer breeze. ‘Whisper The World Away’ has all the tropes of a great work of songwriting, as well as Mindel’s signature stamp - intimate, descriptive lyrics which add a depth to the songs.

We loved Larry Mindel’s previous release; his well-received album ‘Love in Troubled Times’, but this one feels even more confident. We can’t help but think Mindel is really having fun with this. He should be, because the track is an absolute delight. He has also returned sporting a trilby hat with striking orange band and detail, suggesting that Mindel is truly finding his feet now within the industry as an artist.

The overall message for ‘Whisper The World Away’ is concerned with moving into mature adulthood and contentment - welcoming responsibility, family life - and assured love. Being simultaneously apprehensive and excited by that. Some of the lyrics go:

“In the last hour before the daylight / In your sleep I follow you, / Stepping lightly on untrod pastures / Where the ages weep for the morrow’s dew…”

The twists and turns of Larry’s music are rooted in his musical education in the traditional folk clubs of the South East of England, and the dynamic harmonic progressions of jazz in London’s Soho. Elements of Steely Dan, Paul Simon and Laura Marling and others who span genres.

There is a definite hint of The Beatles in some of Mindel’s vocal melodies. This is the artist’s first collaboration with Italian producer, Matteo Galesi, who has worked with Ten Fe, Omahrose Frank Mada and other emerging artists. Hailing from Northern Italy, the huge skies and deep lakes of the region transfer sonically into a wide and rich tapestry of sound, heard to stunning effect on this track.

The beautiful strings on ‘Whisper The World Away’ are contributed by multi-instrumentalist Joao Silva from Portugal, who is one half of the band Still Life. The video is by London film-maker, Rob Thom, which you can watch below. This video really is a perfect match to the music…

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