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A.Chic Produces An Anthem For The Masses In E.P 'CoCo Complex'

Talented lyricist, A.Chic, is a name to remember with the rapper producing hard-hitting flows with class in her latest E.P.

The born and raised South Florida artist has always had the mindset of succeeding in this world, even with the current climate in mind, A.Chic wants to succeed and it's clear to see that she's doing just that with the latest release.

Within the six-track E.P there are all kinds of influences, some tracks are reminiscence of A.Chic's days as a battle rapper and others are influenced by the likes of Afro-beats and Hip-Hop, but whether it's the creative raps or producing her own feelings in the tracks, this us an artist who will go far in this industry.

Speaking on the E.P, A.Chic says:

‘Bad Gyal is for women out there who follow dreams, not crowds. It's about saying F**K what everybody else got going on. I move on my time, at my pace and while y'all sit there watching and wondering, I'm handling's my business and getting Shit done. That's how I live my life and I admire other women who have the courage to do the same.’

You can listen to the E.P below.


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