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Adar Alfandari drops folk inspired album 'Gold Dust'

Israeli singer-songwriter Adar Alfandari is sharing his soulful blend of folk-infused sounds in the form of his debut album ‘Gold Dust’. With a host of singles already under his belt in both Hebrew and English, ‘Gold Dust’ is full to the brim of soothing acoustic sounds and Adar’s own strain of hazy alternative rock. Whether it’s the sweetly soulful ‘How I’m Gonna Make You Mine’ or the distorted guitar, singalong flavour of ‘Pay Day’, Adar effortlessly shows off his versatility as a musician and songwriter.

25-year-old Adar Alfandari has been a musician for as long as he can remember and is a founding member of the Hebrew alt-rock band, ‘Dor Hamabul’. The band experienced success on Season 5 of The Voice Israel and have toured all over the country.

Adar began working on his solo project while studying Ableton at college and soon became hooked on producing his own sound. As his flair for production developed, Adar joined up with producer Idan Katz and began working on an EP that grew into the ‘Gold Dust’ album, recording the tracks both in the studio with session musicians and at home. Following the release of the album, Adar will be playing a string of live shows in Europe including Copenhagen Folk Festival and The Spice Of Life venue in London.


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