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Adria Kain reflects on her years in the music industry with "Ocean (Reprise)"

"I've been on the same long road, pushing for many years, through all the pain and tears," is just one of the emotive lyrics from Adria Kain's new release "Ocean (Reprise)" from the Canadian's upcoming When Flowers Bloom LP (28/01/2022). It's a line that reflects that many years that this Toronto artist has been plugging away at the music industry. In fact, the first release of "Ocean" was six years ago and a lot has changed for Adria since then, but one thing that hasn't changed is her determination to make great music. We love the thoughtful style of Adria's voice throughout this alt-RnB track with it's capacious production, down-to-earth bass and steamy guitar riffs. Together with the cute storytelling music video, just touches your heart in some kinda way.

Speaking on how this refreshed version came around, the artist tells us that,“It’s beyond me how this song came full circle. I remember where I was in life when I first wrote it years ago. I knew it was a good song, not quite my favourite, but it had an important message that I think even went over my own head. I wrote it from a place of sadness. I wanted to create a voice for myself. One that I could run to whenever there was no one else. One that would create a platform big enough for me to exist in without boundaries, like the Ocean, because what’s bigger than that really.”


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