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Alex Fasso serenades us with the heartfelt 'Happy 4 U'

After racking a whopping 50k streams on Spotify for his previous releases ‘Borrowed Nostalgia’, ‘Closure’ and ‘Sometimes’, as well as landing on numerous playlists and radio stations around the world, Hong Kong-born but Melbourne-based singer and songwriter Alex Fasso now looks to continue his upward ascent as he unveils his latest sweeping release ‘Happy 4 U’.

Using little more than an acoustic guitar and his own soaring vocals, ‘Happy 4 U’ is a bittersweet return for the artist. Co-produced alongside Lach Marshall, this new single channels the mixed feelings of not wishing to reveal your personal pain to a loved one, he looks to create a familiar tale of sadness and inner turmoil at the thought of not being able to truly express himself in a relationship.

Describing the new song, Alex says it is about “trying to stay strong for someone you love, even though it cuts you up inside”.

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