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Alex Martura And Defnee Craft A Sparkly Pop Anthem With “Ghost”

Two of the industry’s brightest rising talents, Alex Martura and Defnee have just teamed up to create an infectious summery anthem with “Ghost.” When it comes to crafting infectious pop music, both artists’ skills couldn’t be more suited, and the result is beyond stunning. Lush instrumentation and smooth percussion hits kick-off “Ghost,” allowing Defnee’s angelic voice to shine through the mix, while the chorus explodes with the help of reggaeton-inspired drum rhythms and rumbling brass hits.

Alex Martura has been surrounded by music throughout his entire life, learning how to play the piano with the help of his neighbor as early as three years old. He later took on piano lessons for 10 years and joined multiple bands, before putting his diverse knowledge into music production. He has now found his distinct uplifting and energetic sound, which is characterized by a mix of electronic and organic elements.


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