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Alfie Neale drops debut EP

Brighton is where you'll Alfie Neale, a craftsmen of soulful melodies and cinematic arrangements. Alfie cites Amy Winehouse as a key influence and we can sure hear it in his debut EP 'If My World Falls Apart'. Alfie's vocal sits comfortably low in the register, with character that's reminiscent to Maverick Sabre in the early morning. The EP is a feel-good five-track triumph, littered with glowing guitar lines and big band curtain raising choruses.

Elevator follows the EP's self named opener, and is complete with gorgeous guitar work and Kendric Lamar-esque adlibs which answer verse phrasing. Vices serves as the mellow midway number, with Alright following in funky fashion with a chorus which opens up into a hook laden celebration complete with a closing key change. Stepping Stones is the EPs finale, complete with whirly keys and driving guitar that warms us into a grooving chorus complete with typically smart brass sections.

Discussing the record, Alfie explains:

"I think the general theme of 'If My World Falls Apart' is how we rely on other people. The title track is about how I have grown to realise the importance of having people around me, something I didn't always appreciate".

We're big fans of Alfie's debut EP, and can't wait to hear what he's got in store for us for the rest of the year.

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