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Alt-pop Bonze Signs with Novium Records & Shares 80’s Inspired New Single ‘Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)

Southern Electronic Alt-Pop artist Bonze is back with a new single ‘Jenny (Can You Hear Me?)’. Now signed to Novium Records and living between his native Chichester and London, Bonze is capitalising on his previous success with a flurry of new material throughout 2021.

Opening with delicate atmospherics the new single eases into soft piano and Bonze’s effortless vocals before bursting into life with its bopping chorus. Reminiscent of Manchester Indie-Pop giants The 1975, funky guitar licks, pulsing synths, punching drum machines underline Bonze’s falsetto vocals creating an 80’s-esque, highly danceable yet emotional soundscape.

Speaking on the new single, Bonze said, “Jenny (Can You Hear Me?) is an unapologetic love song. It was written in a shed in winter. The song is about the beginnings of a relationship with a girl called Jenny, it's about how emotionally up and down I can be and about how I felt that I was fully ready to commit to the relationship and just hoped that she was ready too. It was written with an 80's sounding analog synth, a mic, guitar and piano. This song became the foundation of my sound.”

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