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Alt Rap artist Tremayne shares fiery new collab single 'Daddy Issues' ft Backxwash and Charlie Noiir

Canadian Hip Hop artist Tremayne returns to the airwaves with the fiery, passionate new single ‘Daddy Issues’. Inviting metal rap sensation Backxwash and fellow label friend Charlie Noiir to voice their stories, Tremayne opens the door for the audience to also, proudly share their perspective on something they might have been ashamed of talking about before. The magnetic bass line and seamless beat drive the listener in with the intention of alleviating any weight they might be carrying.

“I think the concept of the collective consciousness of artists is reigning heavy. Knowing that both myself and one of the biggest rappers of my generation Kendrick chose to highlight this rarely, openly discussed topic that we notice a lot in the black community is super important to me, because it deserves a conversation”

By Dusty Loops.

Tremayne is making invigorating, boundary pushing, exciting alternative Rap/Hip Hop music for the masses and importantly for all the right reasons, and we cannot wait to see how his purpose will guide him in the creation of his exceptional future projects.

“A strong and important take away I want listeners to have is to not be afraid, ashamed or too proud to vocalize and work through topics like these. A lot of shit can change and people can heal from a simple conversation”

Tremayne: Instagram || Facebook|| Twitter

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