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Alt-Rock powerhouse InHibit declares ‘Shame On Humans’ with his latest single.

Shame on Humans’ is another gorgeously gritty single from radio favourite and rising star InHibit. Punchy percussion and exhilarating guitars are the InHibit signature, creating a 90s Grunge Alt-Rock sound that has the scene shaking.

Brussels-based InHibit, otherwise known as Noah Roovers, is a musical enigma. A poet, pianist, qualified lawyer and former formula one driver InHibit’s path has been unconventional to say the least.

InHibit’s sound is as eclectic as his background, full of twists, turns and surprises InHibit has quickly marked himself as one-to-watch in the Alt-Rock scene.

Striking single ‘Shame on Humans’ is served with a side of striking visuals. Thought provoking and astonishing, it’s no surprise the video has caught the attention of over 600,000 Youtube viewers.

‘Shame on Human’s comes off InHibit's much-anticipated EP ‘Blinded’, lyrically rich and thematically challenging EP ‘Blinded’ and its lead track ‘Shame on Humans’ are surely about to put InHibit on the path to stardom.

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