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"Always Late" is the subdued, guitar-led ballad from The Horn

Today, I'm happy to welcome back emerging London band The Horn with their second single "Always Late". You might remember that I reviewed their debut "Passion" a month or so ago and to be honest I didn't expect to hear from them so soon, but then life is full of surprises, isn't it? "Always Late" keeps the surprises coming as it contrasts to the upbeat, indie-rock introduction with a subdued, guitar-led ballad that puts Johnny Taylor's affecting voice front and centre. I'm drawn into this world where the main character is never on time, which I'm led to believe is a character trait shared by Taylor and the band's bassist and founder Nick True. There's something about creatives and poor time-keeping in there. The soft instrumentation - guitars, drums, keys and bass - add to the immersive, dream-like quality of this steady track. It's an exercise in classic songwriting; simple yet effective. t’s definitely a piece of music that many will want to delve into and that I for one will be going back to.


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