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Andreww unveils the dark, grunge inspired 'Shadow Love' with online video game.

London based international model and musician Andreww has dropped his latest single in a string of releases. Following on from 'Talking To Myself' his debut released in 2020 and 'Medusa' released in January 2021, Andreww has no revealed his latest offering 'Shadow Love' accompanied with a unique secret weapon. Partnered with this single is a rather innovative and extremely creative asset, in the form of an online, free and interactive video game. Ensuring this release stands out from the crowd, Andreww has gone above and beyond the standard cookie cutter single drop and we are here for it.

Oozing with a lo-fi 90's grunge vibe that instantly takes you back to that deliciously good period of music history, 'Shadow Love' is layered with light, catchy pop melodies which contrast and compliment that alt-rock, gritty, hazy vibe. Chuck in some trap elements and a few 808 hip hop beats and you have got yourself the perfect blend of genres, you never knew you needed.

‘“Shadow Love’ is basically about loving things that aren’t good for you. A love that lies over you like a shadow. The enjoyment of being reckless and wanting to not know better. It’s not even about a specific person or thing but more a mindset you go into the night with.” - Andreww

Play the interactive video game here.


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