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Angel District Releases New Track, "Carry Me Home"

One standout piece in Angel District's repertoire is "Carry Me Home," a festival-set closing anthem that goes beyond the ordinary. In a heartfelt reflection on self-support and resilience, Angel District shares, “I wrote Carry Me Home from a mindset where, recently in life I’ve gotten to a place where I’ve learned how to better be there for myself." The track promises self-commitment, resilience, and the refusal to bend to others. The song unfolds with incredible vocal moments, inviting the audience to bask in the raw emotion before building up to new heights of energy. It's a sonic journey that solidifies the power and joy of having someone in your corner, whether that kind soul is another person or, as Angel District suggests, the listener themselves. The universality of the theme ensures that anyone who listens to it can relate, reflecting on the pivotal moments where a kind soul offered support, fundamentally changing their lives.

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