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Angus Parkin gets romantic in ‘Commitment’

Singer-songwriter Angus Parkin delivers warm, melodic notes and smooth, rich harmonies in his track ‘Commitment’, all of which is enveloped in beautifully romantic lyricism. The song, taken off his new album ‘It’s a Chemical Thing’, is instantly mood-boosting and infectious, and is a track to get lost in. Angus’ serotonin sparking sound is the perfect pick-me-up, blending an irresistible mix of soul infused bedroom pop, RnB and soft rock. Angus wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his artistry, and his authentic delivery of his innermost thoughts resonates with each and every listener. He explains how he creates his music by "translating chemical reactions in my brain into soundwaves that cause chemical reactions in yours."

Discussing the meaning behind the single, Angus said: "The inspiration behind this track is that feeling of knowing something is right. You don't need to rush it, or take it a bit slow - it's in that goldilox zone. Everything is just right, and you're ready to commit 100% to it."

Drawing inspiration from artists including Bruno Major, John Mayer and Tom Misch, Angus has forged his own unique sound, and his craft is admirably honest and written from the heart. This bright talent has all the elements to make it to stardom, and his journey is one to keep a close eye on.

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