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Anna Thompson Can't Escape "Dreams About Him"

Seattle singer-songwriter Anna Thompson just can't seem to get her mind off of an ex-lover — even in her dreams! Hot off the release of her debut EP "Centerpiece", the powerful pop-driven 7-track collection of songs, "Dreams About Him" showcases Thompson at her absolute best.

“Dreams About Him” is an exploration into a personal experience Anna went through that eventually ended up becoming the catalyst for the entire EP. “I wrote Dreams About Him after having several recurring dreams about an ex-boyfriend of mine that I hadn’t spoken to in several years,” she states. “I was in a relationship that I wasn’t very happy in at the time, so I wrote this song to cope with the guilt I felt about my subconscious being tainted with another person. Mere days after writing the song, said ex-boyfriend DM’d me on Instagram. I didn’t open it for months, but once my relationship ended, I replied, and we reconnected. I wrote the rest of the EP about us reconnecting- us progressing from casually talking again, being in a serious relationship with each other.”

Check out "Centerpiece" now!

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