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Arliston reveal sincere, heartfelt single "Monks of Lindisfarne"

As a lover of heartfelt, sincere songwriting and inventive reimaginings of folk and synth textures, Arliston's latest single "Monks of Lindisfarne" strikes a profound chord with me. From the first note, the South London duo craft a mesmerizing soundscape that feels both intimate and expansive. The song unfolds like a diary entry, capturing the bittersweet essence of romantic rejection with a graceful touch. Jack Ratcliffe's lyrics, infused with poetic vulnerability, speak directly to my own experiences of unrequited love. His voice, warm and soothing, carries the weight of the emotions. It’s a sentiment that resonates deeply, evoking the anxiety and anticipation of waiting for a reply to a confessional text. The track’s title - “Monks of Lindisfarne” - adds a layer of introspective depth. Inspired by a Peep Show reference, it underscores the song's theme of seeking solace in honorable retreat when faced with emotional turmoil. Musically, the song is a beautiful blend of folk tranquility and cinematic synth swells. The gentle guitar riff blossoms into an 80s-inspired synth chorus, creating a lush, atmospheric backdrop. George Hasbury’s production deftly balances these elements, making the transition seamless and captivating. The addition of strings adds a touch of elegance that elevates the entire composition. "Monks of Lindisfarne" is a reflective journey through love and heartache, masterfully delivered by Arliston. For anyone who appreciates sincere storytelling and innovative musical textures, this track is a poignant and memorable experience.


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