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AtticOmatic impress with vibey double release ‘Jericho/Align Us’

A bold and refreshing group, AtticOmatic demonstrate their strength of eclecticism in their latest release. With the first track ‘Jericho’ providing a gloriously ambient, lo-fi vibe supported by dreamy vocals and swirling synths their second track ‘Align Us’ offers a lovely contrast. Packed with R&B, hip hop sonic references and soulful harmonies, the track is balanced with wonderful moments of instrumental release all impeccably produced and carefully considered in terms of lyrical content.

The group explain “These two tracks are an amalgamation of our lives in lockdown. With the focus on division, separation and longing. We also leant into more of a bedroom produced feel. Because that’s the only way we could record it. But we think there’s no shame in changing sounds so we feel that these tracks are just as much our own than anything else we’ve written.”

Indeed, AtticOmatic are a really unique group fuelled by individualism of taste and musical preference that combines to produce a deeply dynamic sound.


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