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Australian duo The Dockers release joyous new single ‘I Knew Him (well?) Horatio’

Australian duo The Dockers have returned with joyful single ‘I Knew Him (well?) Horatio’, taken from their upcoming sophomore EP. Whilst it is certainly an uplifting track in sound, featuring a fun ukulele lead, bouncy piano melodies and the odd breezy whistle the subject matter is notably impactful.The single features dark lyricism touching on the suicide of a few close friends followed by an existential crisis, with a strong motif of Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. The Dockers say of the track: “It’s an existential crisis, dark, but sheds a lot of light on that it’s temperamental. Definitely the best song I‘ll ever bloody write.”

This rising duo are certainly making a name for themselves around their local scene as they conquer live stages across Sydney. They’ve headlined stages and played sets at Red Bar, also selling out Factory Theatre and La La’s Wollongong twice. Their debut EP ‘Yahtzee’, released last year, has now reached over 80,000 streams, and The Dockers look set to flourish in 2021.


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