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Avanti Returns With Uplifting Track “With A Feeling”

Hailing from New Jersey, producer, singer, and songwriter Avanti is steadily rising within the music industry, looking to take inspiration from various musical styles and fuse them into his own distinct sound. His primary influences include The Killers, Panic! At The Disco, Outkast, ODESZA and The Chainsmokers, while in his music, he touches on subjects such as love, mental health and struggling in today's age. 

Following his earlier 2020 funk gem “Someone Thinks You’re Sexy” alongside Mia Angelique and Rob Connolly, Avanti is now back with his latest single, “With A Feeling.” Coming alongside a stunning VR video, “With A Feeling” is an uplifting ride through various electronic sounds and textures, driven by huge basslines, shiny synths and infectious vocal chops. "I created the song in the beginning of quarantine about missing the vibe of live music,” says Avanti. “I can't wait to play it live once the lockdown stops!


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