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Award-winning singer-songwriter London-based Ches Barrow reveals her new single ‘The Dark Side'

With influences including the likes of Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy, Alanis Morissette, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Hole, Ches Barrow is a serious contender in the world of alternative music.

‘The Dark Side’ imparts Ches’ typical fusion of alternative with a nod to pop, heavy rock influences and is filled with suspenseful build-up, melodic luster, and powerful lyricism; everything you’d expect from Ches and more!

Written by Ches Barrow and co-produced with renowned Producer Bassel Hallak, this track is an exploration into the other side of our psyche’s where ‘desire is alive’. A captivating journey that mirrors our souls from the rhythmic softness of the opening guitars and Ches’ warm, enveloping, lyric-rich vocals juxtaposed to the huge, kick-ass guitar solo where Ches’ edgier vocal range come through distorted as the song reaches its peak. Just for a moment, ‘The Dark Side’ allows ‘the good girl’ to be cast aside.

Sharing her thoughts on the track, Ches explains: “Writing this song, ‘The Dark Side’ flowed through my mind both lyrically and melodiously with so much ease and movement. Lyric-play was vital; the exploration into light and dark; the aspiration to be enlightened by our deeper ideals and how this came through rhythmically. Where casting aside ‘the good girl’ to me is an anomaly; The Dark Side gives life to that very idea. This reflects in the music whereby the chorus flows and almost dances softly versus the more static verses. The speaking part toward the end was completely ad-lib in the recording. That is The Dark Side - the power in creative complexity.”

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