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BARRON Drops Powerful debut, "Where do we go"

This is an epic debut! For his first ever release, Nashville based producer Barron has unleashed a hit via his single "Where Do We Go". The emotion evoking production style is influenced by the likes of Madeon and Porter Robinson, effienccetly blending elements of various genres inside edm to one cohesive, feel-good vibe. On top of the tip-top production, the angelic female top line is the icing on the cake for this one, taking it to the next level. Tune in to "Where Do We Go" By Barron below now!

“'Where Do We Go' is a song that was written during a confusing time in my life. I spent nearly two years struggling to create any tracks I enjoyed and still wasn't really sure what sound I was going for. I decided to take a break from producing for a couple months to clear my head, when I came back I had no expectations and I told myself I just wanted to have fun with it. The vocal stuck out to me from the beginning, I really loved the somber tone of it and immediately began to craft a fitting piano progression around it. From there the song idea came together quite quickly and as I neared the end of writing it I felt a sense of this track being a turning point for me as a producer. I had finally figured out the style of music I wanted to create and this feeling became more apparent as I wrote more and more. Because of this it felt fitting to be the first track that I released.“ - Barron


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