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Barron - Without You

Barron is back! The Nashville based producer, DJ and buzzing rising act has returned to kick off 2023 strong via his new single "without you". In his first six months as an artist, Barron garnered over 125,000 streams, has been featured in a healthy amount of blog and playlist support but he's ready to hit new goals this year. Listen to the new track below now and read a quote from Barron on the release.

"'Without You' is a track that starts out slow and somber with vocals that make you feel an emotion similar to that of when you are missing a friend or loved one. The track moves into a chorus that could be described as energetic and carefree, reminiscent of when you're reunited again with that person you've been missing. I've been excited to release this track to listeners for a while now. For the past few months I've slowly been honing in on what I want my sound to be as an artist and I felt this was the perfect track to portray where it's heading to kick off the new year.” - Barron


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