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Beatsmith pelle reveals dynamic debut album The Rest is Noise

Hailing from Chennai, independent producer, beatsmith and all round creative pelle has arrived on the scene in true style. Set to make some series waves, he has unveiled his uniquely diverse debut album The Rest is Noise via Expert Quality Records.

Bursting at the seams with rich, imaginative, boundary breaking influences such as Kanye West and Mura Masa, this huge new project is a colourful exploration and celebration of a range of genres. From pop to hip-hop and even electronica, pelle showcases incredible fluidity as he interchanges between multiple musical landscapes.

Filled to the brim with texture, layering, dynamism and wondrous melodies this exceptional project is one you definitely don't want to sleep on!

“End of a chapter/era? I've been sitting on this album for over 6 months now and I don't take this long to put stuff out ever. I usually just put songs out on SoundCloud as soon as it's done and work on new music. Now that this is out, I can focus on making more music” - PELLE


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