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Beau Turrentine returns with the breezy new single 'Animals'

After releasing a handful of euphoric indie-rock gems over the last few years collecting over 200K streams, Beau Turrentine caught the ear of masked cowboy Orville Peck which landed him on his personal Spotify playlist. This began a relationship between them that put Beau on tour opening a string of sold-out shows for Orville Peck across the United States. Now the Nashville-based singer and songwriter continues to unveil his upcoming new EP ‘Pillow House’ releasing the third track off the project titled, ‘Animals’.

Marking the closing track on his forthcoming EP, ‘Animals’ sees the artist in a far more solemn attitude than we have heard before. While normally focusing on bright and breezy aesthetics, this new offering shows a more driven side to his sound, capping off his new collection with a bold and vibrant conclusion.

Speaking about the new offering, he said, “This song is about the wild animal we all have living inside of us. I wrote it to point out how simple yet complicated we can be. We as humans are unpredictable; just like life.”

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