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Beneath Nina Tribus' Throne

‘Bring back the Divas!’

‘Bring back the Divas!’

‘Bring back the Divas!’

With every single release, Nina Tribus is reinforcing this statement! It couldn't be more obvious with her new anthem 'Beneath My Throne'.

Talking about the song, Nina explains: " ‘Beneath My Throne’, is a spine chilling royal drama filled with intrigue and deadly games reminiscent of Lady Macbeth or Elisabeth Bathory."

‘Beneath My Throne’ is a vindictive hymn for everyone who ever felt like they have been suppressed, betrayed or doubted on their abilities. It’s about proving them all wrong, one by one, a deadly game of chess with lethal consequences where words can cut far better than a knife can, all the while keeping your dress unstained and a ‘not impressed’ poker face

firmly in place.


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