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Benedict unveils newest reworking of 'Warzone' via Lee Groves' Tetraphobic remix`

Benedict has returned with another electrifying remix of her single ‘Warzone’, this time teaming up with Broolyn-based producer Lee Groves. The husky and agile vocals of this rising talent are coated in reverb as she sings above the kaleidoscopic synths and pulsating beats of the EDM production. Bringing upbeat energy to the introspective sentiments of the lyrics, listeners won’t be able to resist this nostalgic alt-pop track.

Discussing the new release, Benedict says: “The last year has been a warzone for many with COVID-19, massive world political issues, relationships and many other things. ‘Warzone’ is about all these challenges. All different experiences we have with people, life, religion, politics and many other things. I felt this was captured in the captivating remix that Lee created. It has been one of the most exciting parts of last year connecting, through the amazing Dean Tuza and having the privilege of working with the brilliant Mr Lee Groves. Honoured that he said yes to doing my remix and now mixing my upcoming single as well! The remix is a true piece of art. It weaves in and out creating a web of colour and movement. It takes me on a journey to another world. Light and dark experiences leaving you wanting more. So many layers I feel very blessed to be working with such a genius.”

Hailing from Australia, Benedict arrived onto the scene in 2019 with her original style and distinctive voice, releasing a string of well-received singles. Her new remix with award-winning producer Lee Groves (Madonna, Black Eyed Peas) showcases their sonic chemistry, which we will be hearing more of on some of the new releases Benedict has lined up for later this year.


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