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Berlin-based singer-songwriter Panteon releases first full-length album 'Open Fire'

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Yvonne Ambrée writes, records and produces all of her music under her moniker Panteon. Filled with lulling guitar melodies and hazy vocal arrangements, Panteon uses her music as a means to explore and articulate life’s most intimate moments.

Panteon is to release her first full-length album ‘Open Fire’ on the 30th of April. Panteon will be giving listeners a head start on the album with the title track being available from the 28th of April. The song ‘Open Fire’, which Panteon describe as “the heart of the album” is a track of emotional intensity featuring a guitar picking sequence that moves through the song meditatively while the rest of the instrumentation of nature/classic samples and old analogue synths imply some sort of urgency and unease. The first version of the track now serves as the intro and outro for the album.

“This song serves as a statement to finding peace for myself as well as my past relationship and hoping that time will soften the edges of broken glass.” Panteon offers.

Panteon will also be releasing a limited edition vinyl of ‘Open Fire’ in mid-May featuring an exclusive bonus track!

An accomplished vocalist, songwriter and musician, Yvonne began her musical journey as Panteon in 2018 with her debut EP Travel Log 1. Writing, recording and producing all her music herself, she has rapidly showcased herself as a multi-talented artist, creating a sincere and relatable experience for the listener to lose themselves in. Fast forward to 2021 and Panteon has released a series of singles, including the most recent release ‘Nobody’, a song about practising self-love and kindness, which received support from the likes of When The Horn Blows and Backseat Mafia. Now we arrive at Panteon’s debut album ‘Open Fire’, a delicate collection of tracks that will no doubt connect with those who have ever reflected on a past relationship.

With support from Wonderland, Atwood Magazine and PopMatters, Panteon’s music is deeply immersive and poetic - a blissful journey into her subconscious.


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