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Berne release breathtaking visual for track 'To The Lions'.

London based, alt-pop duo Berne have released a poignant and moving visual to accompany their powerful second single, 'To The Lions'. Consisting of both Maltese born Deborah Borg Brincat and Gianluca Pulvirenti, they deliver an essential environmental message through ethereal vocals and emotive, reverb-laden guitar, dreamily dusted off with beaming astral production. Beautifully set, the visual features the pair back in their hometown, running through fields with the rays of the sun shining down on the scenery below. Surrounded by the lusciousness and enchantment of nature and lovingly filmed in Malta last December, this newest offering truly emanates the message of the tune itself, with the two being able to roam and wander freely amongst a sea of green, across a picturesque plane. Speaking on the making of the video, it is clear how much thought and understanding went into not only the intention, but to each individual frame.

“The concept for the video is to try and represent distressed animals in a confined space (displayed by the frame behind us, and the close up shots) with dreams about being free (this is shown by the slightly zoomed out shots). As the video progresses, we keep edging closer and closer to freedom until we finally reach it, which is when the frame behind us doesn’t show anymore and all we see before us are beautiful fields. Videography and Photography: MarieClaire.” – Berne.

You can watch the video here & keep up with Berne below as they are set for a string of releases over the course of the year.

Keep up with Berne:


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