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Berne release new electro pop single 'Stay' with poignant visual.

The Maltese native duo, Berne are back with their third single 'Stay'. Described as a planetary plea, “'Stay’ asks planet Earth to stand by us, to give us time to make positive change and overcome the climate challenges we are faced with.” Paired with a wonderfully creative and rallying stop motion video which acts as a call to arms for all of mankind to come together. Both the audio combined with the video help to channel hope in the face of the Climate Crisis. Projecting as a beacon of light and as reminder, that although lockdown is at the forefront of our minds, we should also not forget of the other equally important issues that surround us.

Deborah Borg Brincat and Gianluca Pulvirenti make up the London residing band as they deliver themes of environmental consciousness through layers of ethereal vocals, reverb-laden spacey guitar, and atmospheric production.

(Created by Carmen Mossaad.)

Discussing the concept of the tune, Berne explain, "Stay is our plea to planet Earth for more time to reverse the damage we’ve done, before it’s too late. As more and more of us understand the urgent climate challenge, we’re inspired by positive changes people are really trying to make. We believe human spirit and togetherness will allow the globe to smile once again, which is what we wanted to represent in the visual.

It’s a serious situation, but it’s still repairable...just.”

Stream 'Stay' here.

Keep up with Berne below:




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