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BETSIE GØLD shares the instant pop classic 'Overwhelming'

Following on from the huge success of her previously shared singles ‘Friday The 13th’, ‘Ur The Party’ and ‘Take Me To LA’ from earlier this year, Oxfordshire-based singer and songwriter BETSIE GØLD returns with her self-described “BITCH PØP” sound on her latest anthem ‘Overwhelming’.

Co-written alongside regular collaborator Kaity Rae, who also co-wrote two singles on The Shires’ latest LP ‘Good Years’, and with additional production from Gareth Gwyn and Jacob Roos, ‘Overwhelming’ sees her continue her pursuit of bright and euphoric pop aesthetics. Mixing her bold and soaring vocals with a shimmering and captivating production throughout, this new release looks set to become one of her most loved offerings to date.

Speaking about the new release, she said, I wrote this track with Kaity Rae back in February. It was the last thing we wrote before lockdown, but somehow the lyrics seem to resonate even more now. It’s about being completely overcome with every single emotion possible when starting a relationship with someone new after a really long time. It’s exciting, terrifying, fun, anxiety inducing. We basically made a list of everything that makes us feel overwhelmed or over stimulated and added a melody to it.”

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