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Blair West shines in soft new single ‘Nostalgia’

It seems to be all about the frenetic lifestyle these days, however we feel that music like that of Blair West is essential to bring us back in touch with emotions, to ground ourselves and calm our senses.

Blair West has been our safety blanket since her debut last year so we’re not surprised her newest release ‘Nostalgia’ is nothing short of exceptional. With an immaculate softness permeating all elements, the track is a dreamy experience. The angelic vocal layers are colourful but wonderfully subdued, the guitar lick is memorable and soothing, the melody line velvety and warm.

The track perfectly encapsulates the nostalgic feeling, providing saccharine tones amalgamated with a tender longing. Blair West showcases immense skill in storytelling as we listen to her with ears and hearts wide open, missing a beat would be a sin!

Highly refined and drenched in elegance, we claim Blair West to be our modern Joni Mitchell, so how could you possibly miss out on that!


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