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Blog Playlist #11

Mackenzie Day - Good Girl

US hailing Mackenzie Day drops soulful track ‘Good Girl’, encompassing all the elements of feel-good edgy Pop, making for a tantalising listen. With an impressive vocal range and raw honesty to her lyricism, ‘Good Girl’ is as empowering as it is hypnotic. The track’s delicate piano paired with dynamic beats exudes a cool originality, showcasing her artistry as strikingly adventurous. Mackenzie’s clever mix of Pop, Soul and R&B styles, topped with Jazzy style vocals produces a truly effortless and defining sound, and her expression of gritty, relatable topics makes her music all the more alluring. Listen Here.

Tom Featherstone - Alright (At Home)

Sheffield based singer-songwriter Tom Featherstone is set to release his new single ‘Alright (At Home)’. The track is a reworking of his 2019 debut, with this version being produced in lockdown alongside electronic alt-pop artist Minimal Animal. The lo-fi ambience of this iPhone recorded vocal makes Featherstone’s agile voice all the more captivating, paired with soothing acoustic guitar and haunting textures. Inspired by Ethan Gruska’s recent work, Featherstone and Minimal Animal have created a sonic haven which allows listeners to find solace between the notes during a universally uncertain time. Listen Here.

Laya Laya - I Can Feel You

Blurring electronic elements with live instrumentation and sublime harmonies, Laya Laya is the British alternative brainchild of writer/singer Freya Zai and producer Super Joshi. The duo has returned to share a celestial new single “I Can Feel You”, out August 21st. Sonically infectious and heartbreakingly written, "I Can Feel You" shares an intimate perspective on relationships as Freya’s delicate vocals pair nicely against the track’s atmospheric instrumentation and thunderous bass. Listen Here.

RIIVA - Boring Boys

Bold femininity and the power of honesty is a dangerously infectious mixture. For German singer-songwriter RIIVA, this mixture is actually just a simple expression of her emotions, her life, herself. This discovery of simple expression is present in her latest single “Boring Boys”, out this Friday. Listen Here.

Leo Varella - Alone

Brazilian guitar-virtuoso Leo Varella finds his influences from 80’s legends such as Prince and Nile Rodgers. These artists can be heard in Leo’s fresh brand of commercial pop. The keen writer and talented singer has a habit for blending visceral lyrics with hooky chorus lines, which make for the perfect track. His latest offering, titled ‘Alone’, is no different. Listen Here.


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