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Blog Playlist #13

Erin Kirby - Practice Girlfriend

Blending heartfelt, soul-tinged lyrics with dance-infused pop, Kirby creates music that explores the full intensity of human emotions. Kirby’s powerful vocals have landed her recognition as a John Maxwell Rising Star and as Jezebel Magazine’s songwriter of the year; soon after, she made it in the American Idol Top 60. Kirby was a top three contestant on Showtime at the Apollo with Steve Harvey, and she has also made appearances in All Access, Talent Magazine, and Sounds Like Nashville. Though Kirby has international aspirations, her heart lies in Atlanta, where she regularly volunteers her talent to local non profit organisations.

Gabrielknowseverything - She Ain't the Same

A mysteriously dark yet vibrant sound, Gabrielknowseverything takes the listener on an intoxicating journey to the deepest depths of emotion. With a seriously impressive vocal range and inspiring musical vision, Gabriel strives to connect with the most poignant of topics, crafting his lyricism in the most profound manner. ‘She Ain’t the Same’ carries gritty guitar enveloped in echoey vocals that make for a stunningly intense soundscape.

Mackenzie Day - Fake It

Mackenzie Day’s ‘Fake It’ oozes with class and vulnerability, forming an endless stream of raw yet perfected vocals and gentle melodies. Written and performed by Mackenzie, the soulful pop track is a powerful expression of the breakup grieving phase, and garnering the strength to finally move on. Tinkly piano underpins the song, and layered with Mackenzie’s natural vibrato that effortlessly communicates her story and adds texture to her warm sound.

Punt Guns - The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe

Punt Guns propel their artistic direction to exponential heights in ‘The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe’. Distorted, reverberating guitar and powerful vocals set the tone, with energetic, electric sounds flowing throughout. Taking their listeners on an otherworldly experience from start to finish, PuntGuns’ daring nature and sense of originality never ceases to amaze. Building an expansive soundscape through their use of instrumentation in their new single, PuntGuns experiment with climactic melodies and intense, bold lyrics, formulating a spectacular creation.

Henry Dell and YCONN - Blocked Me

Electro-Pop and LGBTQ+ emerging artist Henry Dell returns with his addictive up-tempo record ‘Blocked Me’ - his first collaboration with up and coming dance-pop producer YCONN. Previously hailed by Wonderland as ‘One To Watch’ and having had national airplay on BBC Radio 2, Henry’s newest record is arguably his best yet.

Bella Hutton - Only You

With a beautifully intimate vocal style and an impeccable aesthetic, aged only 19 singer/songwriter Bella Hutton is set to make waves with the release of her new track 'Only You'. Having struggled with dyslexia growing up, Bella discovered her love for music at a young age. A natural form of self-expression, she began writing songs that were honest and relatable. Furthermore, drawing inspiration from artists including Amy Winehouse, The 1975, and Billie Eilish, Bella's intimate vocal performance and knack for new-age pop developed to form a unique and personal style.

Redwood - The Radio

Silky vocals and dreamy melodies encapsulate Redwood’s new single, combining soulful indie-pop styles to create a foot tapping musical masterpiece. Redwood’s catchy lyricism and twangy instrumentals create the perfect mellow ambience, with her lyrics capturing the essence of melancholic feeling, and how music provides an escape. Redwood’s trademark raspy, rich vocal tone is impressively controlled, and a pleasure to get lost in. Layering her introspective storyline with an uplifting tune provides a beautiful depth, making for a thought provoking and stunning creation.

Earl Gray Collective - This House

Earl Gray Collective’s new single ‘This House’ propels their artistry to a deeper and more musing level as the lyricism takes an introspective turn. The listener is taken on a story-like exploration of self understanding and realisation that is perfectly constructed as the track progresses. The fluidity of the instrumentals elegantly begin whilst emphatically building, defined by tender piano keys and rich, mellow guitar strums, coated in irresistable harmonic vocals.


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