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Blog Playlist #15

Magazines - Pink and Blue

Magazines have been steadily building up a repertoire with their fresh sound, seeing huge support for their recent track ‘Happy Alone’ which included a premiere with Wonderland Magazine and additions to some leading Spotify playlists. The Dublin group are back with brand new single ‘Pink and Blue’, and this latest offering builds further upon their reputation for smart, lo-fi indie.

rebelyay- Danger On My Mind

‘Danger On My Mind’ is the new release from New York artist rebelyay. The elusive producer impresses with his brand of stark, glitchy Hyper-pop. There are hints of experimental pop pioneers in the mix such as Sophie and Flume, though rebelyay feels more a contemporary than a follower - and a welcome addition to the fold at that. From the very beginning, this track grabs you. It’s a brooding, provocative essay in addiction, and the first sounds feel like a beacon calling out for help.

Aliché - Could You

West London hailing, rising star Alichè graces ears with her stunning new single ‘Could You?’. Alichè’s music is a heady brew of sweet spiritual lyric, raw urban beat, and heartfelt expression that is masterfully delivered. ‘Could You?’ beautifully narrates the yearning for company when the days get darker and the air gets crisper, particularly during current world circumstances. The track’s melody is laced with tinkly soundscapes, coated in Alichè’s rich, soul-dripped vocals that firmly take centre stage. Exuding a gorgeous, slinky quality, the reflective record carries a warm, nostalgic R&B flavour that transports listeners and is effortlessly dreamy.

Manuel Garay - Ready

Manuel Garay and Mariami’s partnership on ‘Ready’ is a match made in musical heaven, with Manuel’s slick production and Mariami’s gorgeous vocals, the track is a perfectly constructed slice of magic. Fusing a concoction of pop, the single’s bold trajectory is highly striking. Laced with pulsating beats and synth soundscapes, Mariami coats the track with her enchanting ethereal tones, making for a unique genre-blending tune with some serious edge.

Earl Gray Collective - Raindrops

Earl Gray Collective’s ‘Raindrops’ is a beautifully light and delicate offering. The intricate yet powerful arrangement enshrines the soul-baring raw vocal performance. It transports the listener unashamedly into a world of deep emotion. As the music morphs from gentle to euphoric, the sympathetic production and ever developing layers blend seamlessly, driving the song towards its emotionally charged and soul wrenching guitar centric climax.

Black Sands - Fearless

Known for his genre-blending sound, Black Sands returns with his new darker halloween inspired single ‘Fearless’. With powerful, distorted vocals, echoey soundscapes and reverberating beats, the anthemic track creates a sense of light and shade both in its expressive lyricism and melodies. Black Sands seamlessly blends elements of Rock, R&B and Electro-Pop, all concocted to produce a flurry of magnetic energy. The spine tingling track takes many dynamic twists and turns, constructing a sound that can be defined as Nine Inch Nails meets Imagine Dragons. Its soul baring lyrics and emphatic instrumentals dramatically build to create a scintillating sonic explosion.

Pesolife - Shy

Pesolife, made up of creatives Mars Meddo and Kaye Orbit, return with stand-out R&B/Soul track ‘Shy’. Their artistic direction is remarkably innovative and bold, making for an all round tantalising sensory experience. ‘Shy’ is a rhythmically smooth offering, encompassing dreamy vocals and sprightly percussion, and ultimately carrying an intrinsic positive message that is wonderfully powerful.


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