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Blog Playlist #16

Flechettes - Chasing Youth

Four-piece rock band Flechettes release their uplifting new offering ‘Chasing Youth’, providing blazing guitar riffs and catchy indie-style vocals, making for a seriously dynamic record. Each member contributes their own creative flair, adding to the Flechettes trademark sound. With their gritty northern tone shining through their vocals, Flechettes’ style is effortlessly authentic and their lyrics strikingly relatable.

The Love Buzz - Harp

The Love Buzz are Ireland’s most exciting psychedelic punk band. Blending elements of alternative, indie and punk rock, the band dropped their debut releases last year and ripped through Irish venues with their raucous, frenzied performances before… well, you know. Since then, the boys haven't stopped working, hitting the studio hard, polishing their sound and recording their best material yet. New track ‘Harp’ is a must-listen for fans of Charly Bliss or Milk Teeth and, for those well versed in the Irish music scene, we’re picking up some Fangclub vibes too.

Conal Kelly - Control

Bristol based Conal Kelly is set to release his second original single ‘Control’. With shimmering synths, dynamic percussion and a grooving bass providing an already irresistible soundscape, the song grows even more magnetic on its outro. Throughout, Conal showcases his agile and mellifluous voice through dreamy falsetto harmonies. A multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer, Conal’s poetic lyricism and nuanced, sleek production glisten on this alt-pop track. It’s safe to say that Conal Kelly is elevating bedroom pop to new levels.


CHERITON and Lydia Cowles forge the perfect collaboration, in vibrant, feel-good track ‘Say Hey’. The indie-pop record floats between breezy and playful, with rich bass and jingling percussion underlying the track. CHERITON and Lydia’s impressive vocal performances are perfectly complementary, delivering silky harmonies and dreamy, echo-like tones.

Eloise Massimo - Throwback

The new single ‘Throwback’ from singer-songwriter Eloise Massimo is effortlessly smooth and entirely irresistible. With gripping, contemporary melodies and sweet yet sultry vocals, the track offers chilled R&B vibes through its nuanced production. Eloise is a storyteller, following on from the tale of addiction to a lover on previous single ‘Poison’ by demonstrating self-evolution on ‘Throwback’ through her honest and empowering lyrics.

The New Consistent - Stories from the 01905

The New Consistent is an upcoming indie artist who specialises in personal lyrics and unique delivery. Tinted with a Midlands accent, his vocal cadence has a spoken word poetry flow to it, which allows for the lyrics to linger in your mind for longer. His eagerly anticipated new EP is entitled ‘Stories From The 01905’, and sees a shift in his sound towards a more nuanced direction. The record floats from old-school garage beats to woozy chords and shimmering synths. You can expect to hear rustic vocal clips and the critically acclaimed 2019 re-release ‘Rude Boys’, as well as captivating new single ‘Turn Off All The Screens’ featuring Charlotte Lennon.

Shana Pearson - Still

Shana Pearson returns with her brand new sultry RnB track ‘Still’. The record blends elements of contemporary RnB with a nostalgic 90’s spin, producing a slow-jam that is gorgeously slinky and alluring. Shana’s suave vocals take centre stage, with her controlled and impressive range being showcased to the maximum as she glides from each note to the next. Underpinned by a pulsing beat and edgy yet dreamy melodies, the track exudes a luxurious sophistication, and is glazed with romantic lyricism, centering on a special someone who is hard to forget.


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