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Blog Playlist #17

Harry Gardner - Invisible Man

Singer and pianist Harry Gardner returns with the poignant new single ‘Invisible Man’, demonstrating nostalgic pop writing at its finest. In this authentic ballad, Harry fuses darkened pop with subtle inflections of jazz, opening with a wistful piano motif which echoes through the song, supported by bittersweet swells of distant electric guitars and haunting backing harmonies. With candid lyrics and emotive vocals, Harry’s understated signature sound offers a raw vulnerability that allows listeners to truly connect with the emotion conveyed through his songs and ‘Invisible Man’ is indication of his undeniable potential.

Lucas Watt - Fake ID

Singer-songwriter Lucas Watt is set to release the irresistibly upbeat indie anthem ‘Fake ID’ later this month, which will see him kick off the new year in style. His husky, powerful vocals soar above a sleek and nuanced track, delivering lyrics which are sure to resonate with listeners. Driven by a dynamic beat and electric guitars, the record is layered with scintillating melodies and ascends into an infectious chorus. ‘Fake ID’ depicts a story that is both personal and relatable, transporting listeners to the nights out of their adolescence with a much needed dose of uplifting indie-pop.

Internet Raised - Better

Internet Raised are a fresh, innovative Indie/Pop Duo and are unbelievably excited to release their eagerly anticipated debut single, 'Better'. Members Oliver Pinder (20, from Wakefield) and Vanessa Maria (26, from Manchester) have been writing this project for around four years, with hopeful hit 'Better' celebrating the birth of Internet Raised.'Better' was written during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, courtesy of a writing session over Zoom.

Naama Guggenheim - My Lucky Day

Naama Guggenheim serves a refreshing take on Soul music with her new single ‘My Lucky Day’. The smooth, laid-back release showcases Naama’s mellifluous vocals and beautifully distinctive tone, as well as her uplifting lyricism. Like a warm embrace in sonic form, ‘My Lucky Day’ is sure to fill listeners with positivity. Featuring shimmering keys, dynamic snares and swirling synths, the production of this track takes electronic music into an original and irresistible direction.

Solar Strides - GoodBye again

‘Goodbye Again’ further strengthens Solar Strides' already sterling back catalog, and is arguably their finest release yet. Recorded at Mike Oldfield’s old studio where his smash-hit single Moonlight Shadow was recorded, the single was mastered by Noel Summerville who mastered The White Stripes’ anthem ‘Seven Nation Army’.

Michael Lukes - Life In A Bubble

Michael Lukes returns with the delicate, thought-provoking single ‘Life in a Bubble’. The piano-led track touches on topics of grief, loss, and family, painting a poignant picture of something that feels all too familiar within our current uncertain climate. With heartfelt lyrics and long, winding melodies, the record gently ebbs and flows, leading to a climbing chorus line that is both cathartic and celebratory. ‘Life in a Bubble’s heartrending visuals graciously accompany the sentiment of the song, capturing the story of a grieving woman at her husband's funeral and past anecdotal memories of her younger self.


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