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Blog playlist #18

Inky Nite - 'The Canyon'

Inky Nite are set to unveil their magnetic new single ‘The Canyon’, a dark and dreamy alt-pop anthem. Kicking off with driving vintage drum samples, shimmering bass and flooded with nostalgic synths, this record is laced with 80s influences. It manages to strike the perfect balance between shadowy depths and scintillating energy, a twilight tune which is sure to resonate with listeners. Punchy melodic lines and clear-cut vocals elevate the song’s progressive, poetic lyrics which navigate political topics nimbly. This dance-inducing track will have listeners hooked from the very first bar.

Sarpa Salpa - 'Another Life'

Following a difficult year for any band, Sarpa Salpa continue to swim against the tide with the release of new single ‘Another Life’. The track is taken from their sophomore EP due for release on April 2nd. Their debut EP was met with positive feedback from critics and further radio support, particularly from Radio 1’s Jack Saunders who made “Say Something” his Next Wave track. This helped the band to secure a booking on the BBC Introducing Stage at The Great Escape Festival 2020 and a slot at Jack Saunders revered Hopscotch gig in March. Unfortunately these shows were cancelled due to Covid 19.

Arvy - 'Keep Your Light'

Hailing from Vic, Barcelona, ARVY is a Grammy nominated electronic music pioneer who is inspired by big hitters such as Martin Garrix, Kygo and Avicii. Forging live piano music to electronic realms, ARVY’s passion for crafting floor filling anthems is clear for all to hear. ‘Keep Your Light’ is a glowing debut, and is loaded with euphoric rizers, driving rhythms and epic drops.

Harimau - 'After Everything'

Driven by thunderous rhythms, chaotic riffage and atmospheric sounds, Harimau are London’s newest force in the alternative-indie space. Influenced by the likes of Muse and Arctic Monkeys, the pairing also take notes from trip-hop Bristolians Massive Attack and Portishead, and it’s this fusion that allows for something wholly compelling. With a small but glowing back catalog, the pairs’ debut EP ‘After Everything’ is a vast and varied piece of work, with carefully crafted melodies that meet an immovable raucous energy.

Rhys E - 'Life's A Game'

Rhys E shares his first single of the year ‘Life’s a Game’, putting his own authentic twist on the beloved, nostalgic rock sounds of the 80’s through to the early noughties. The carefree tune harbours a feel-good integrity at its core, delivering a sound comparable to Arctic Monkeys, New Order and Sea Girls. The indie rock track combines spirited guitar riffs, with Rhys’ gritty tone that carries a memorable quality. Rhys’ candid, tongue-in-cheek lyricism is all too relatable, expressing the existential questions we all think about, with a humorous tinge that is undeniably witty. Paving a new way for buoyant Brit-rock, this rising star is set to change the ‘game’.

Wharf - 'Compatible'

Four-piece indie-rock group Wharf make their almighty return with their brand new catchy, romantic themed record ‘Compatible’. The vibrant single, inspired by 80’s indie sounds, puts a fresh, modern spin on the familiar, delivering the band’s playful energy through spirited guitar riffs and heady percussion that will have you tapping your foot in no time. ‘Compatible’ paves an exciting direction for the London based collective, as the track showcases their breezy, feel-good sound to optimum standard. Taking relatable experiences and turning them into sing-along sensations is what Wharf does best, making ‘Compatible’ an unmissable tune.

Tony Benn - 'If We Make It Through The Winter'

Irish singer-songwriter Tony Benn delivers the compelling new single ‘If We Make It Through The Winter’, a track which will resonate strongly with every listener. The dynamic alt-folk record is rich in its instrumentation, filled with moody guitar and piano accompaniments. Tony’s gravelly, powerful vocals carry a strong sense of conviction and control as they soar above the layered percussion. With authentic, honest lyricism that reflects the bleak situation we are all facing right now, Tony still manages to convey a sense of reassurance with his impactful new track.

Abe Fabola - 'Something Good'

Singer-songwriter Ade Fabola returns with the uplifting new single ‘Something Good’. With husky, smooth vocals and dreamy harmonies, Ade croons bittersweet lyrics and an infectious chorus. Led by mesmerising acoustic guitar melodies, this soulful track incorporates a gentle beat into its nuanced instrumentation. ‘Something Good’ is a song which ushers listeners into its chilled, comforting embrace and offers a sense of solace during these turbulent times.


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