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Blog Playlist #19

WULF - Never Giving Up

Indie three-piece WULF are set to release their new single ‘Never Giving Up’, demonstrating the bands’ typical piano-led melodic style, but with a darker, more contemporary, edge. The dynamic chorus features gritty electric guitar riffs and kinetic percussion, offering irresistible soul led alt-rock vibes. ‘Never Giving Up’ showcases the bands’ smooth and charismatic vocals through infectious melodies, with effortless harmonies that elevate the track even further. Complete with uplifting, authentic lyricism, listeners are sure to put this indie anthem on repeat.

Smashby - Drinking Away My Problems

Emerging icon Smashby is set to unveil his electrifying new single ‘Drinking Away My Problems’, injecting vulnerability into a floor-filling pop anthem. With dreamy synths, effervescent bass and kinetic rhythms providing the accompaniment to his storytelling lyricism, Smashby’s distinctive vocals flick between breathy head voice and a gritty, low tone. He delivers earworm melodies on the infectious chorus, with the song climbing into a Vogue-esque bridge. Smashby’s lyrics provide depth to this electro-pop potential hit, which is flooded with iridescent energy.

Sterling Press - Very Fun Times

Sterling Press are bursting onto the scene with the impactful debut single ‘Very Fun Times’. Flooded with driving guitar melodies and pounding beats, this genre-bending indie track experiments with a variety of genres, including Rock, Pop and Jazz. The result is a dynamic and upbeat concoction that listeners won’t be able to resist. Crystal-clear vocals deliver catchy melodies and soaring harmonies, with lyrics that pull you in. Just when you think the track couldn’t get any better, it’s elevated further by exploding into a jazzy reprise with layered trumpets and a vintage swing band feel. This bold, authentic debut showcases the boundless potential of Sterling Press.

Guerrilla Soul - See The Sun

Emerging band Guerrilla Soul are set to make a big impact with their new single ‘See The Sun’. Showcasing their versatile originality, the group has pulled influences from different genres to create a magnetic indie anthem. Against a backdrop of chilled guitars threaded with jazz undertones, the clear and charming Brit vocals deliver woozy harmonies and authentic lyricism in the first part of the song, before a bluesy intersection segways into a rock-fueled second half. Repeating the same lyrics, this time with a grittier edge to the melodies, the song takes on a new form. Injected with spirited percussion, grooving bass and slick guitar riffs, ‘See The Sun’ is filled with infectious energy. Listeners won’t be able to get enough of this nuanced and powerful track.

Harry Marshall - How Would I Know?

Rising star Harry Marshall returns with his second single of this year ‘How Would I Know?’ following the success of January’s ‘Cold Outside’. Settling into a self-assured sonic signature, Harry brings gritty rock edges and electronic undercurrents to compelling indie pop. The nuanced instrumentation of ‘How Would I Know’ kicks off with haunting synths and a pulsing bass, before driving guitar lines and resonating percussion announce the chilled yet impactful chorus. Harry’s soulful, husky voice narrates a tale of emotional torment through poetic lyricism on this dark and dreamy groove.

Cian Jay - Trial & Error

Emerging multi-hyphenate Cian Jay has revealed his new dual track single ‘Trial & Error’, returning to the scene with his first release since his 2019 debut ‘Summer Is Dead’, which has racked up almost 200,000 streams on Spotify. New track ‘Define Me’, produced by James Kinasz (JFK), showcases Cian’s smooth yet gritty Brit-style vocal cadence against a backdrop of dynamic rhythms and shimmering synths, serving choppy melodies in this chilled indie rap blend.

Michaela - Cuffed

New York-born, LA based Michaela is crashing onto the scene upon the new wave of neo-soul and R&B that listeners cannot get enough of. Her upcoming single ‘Cuffed’ ushers in chilled, contemporary vibes with its dreamy guitar melodies, spacey electronic sounds and kinetic beats. Michaela’s smooth, sultry vocals are accompanied by the agile crooning of Dominiquinn, and together their authentic lyricism tells a story of trying to set boundaries in a relationship. Elevated by celestial harmonies and soulful backing riffs, ‘Cuffed’ is an irresistible new release which indicates Michaela’s unbounded potential.

Benedict - Tetraphobic Remix 'Warzone'

Benedict’s year is off to a high with a mind-blowing remix of her most recent single ‘Warzone’. The Australian alt-pop prodigy has teamed up with British-born, Brooklyn-based producer Lee Groves for this latest remix. Featuring stormy synths, pounding beats and pulsating melodies, the track embodies EDM and nostalgic dance-pop vibes. Benedict’s haunting, breathy falsetto is soaked in reverb whilst her lyrics allude to troubled human relationships, showcasing this partnership’s ability to create electrifying tracks with authentic storytelling.


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