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Blog Playlist #20

Maisie May - Face It EP

The New Yorker has returned with a synth-pop EP titled Face It, that is both dreamy and fully loaded with Pop precision:

Evan Isaac - Love Always Surrounds Us

Charming, quirky, and dressed in darkness, Evan Isaac's latest video is a must-watch:

Radio Laika - Nights Off

The fun-filled trio light the room in their newest indie-pop powerhouse single, 'Nights Off'

ELUNIA - Pressure Points

Alt-Pop icon ELUNIA delivers an emotive offering that blends ethereal sounds with euphoric melodies:

Jessie Reid - Wake Up

Inspired by Ben Howard, Lucy Rose, and Nick Mulvey, Jessie's crafted a folk single all of her own:

Jade Kelly - Terrified

The tricky second single appears not to be so trying for Jade Kelly, who has delivered another pop banger infused with R&B melodies:

PPP - Idea

With dirty bass riffs and full-throttle driving rhythms, 'Idea' is another alternative show stopper from the Sheffield duo:

Izzy Frances - Safely

With a traditional pop ballad chorus, Izzy Frances is far from ordinary in her delivery:


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