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Blog Playlist #23

Chris D’Lima - Dreams

Chris D’Lima is raw and open on his new single ‘Dreams’ as he discovers his path in life with dreamy melodies and a cinematic atmosphere.

Devin Sunshine - In Love With Me

Devin Sunshine is brutally honest about the realities of male attention as a woman in music on a track that can only be described as bubblegum rap.

Dezabel - Why I Really Need

Producer Dezabel is soulful with a touch of groove on his spellbinding new track ‘Why I Really Need’. Dezabel doesn’t let genre confine him as he seamlessly shifts between R&B and euphoric pop.

Ständard - SHARP いち

Ständard explores his boundaries with a track that uses distorted Rock and melancholic melodies to create an anthemic track that is simply unforgettable.


KALA CHNG’s new album ‘STAR’ is eclectic and irresistible as she reflects on relationships during a pandemic with oriental sounds and pop anthems.

The Trusted - Eli

Four-piece The Trusted give a new face to Indie Rock with their sincere new single ‘Eli’. Catchy and beautifully written, this is a gem that’s not to be missed.


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