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Blog Playlist #25

Finn O'Hara - 'Silhouette'

Finn O’Hara makes a captivating debut with ‘Silhouette’, a stripped-back pop track that’ll have you instantly hooked. Blending soft piano chords with pop beats underneath Finn’s flowing, emotional vocals, the 17-year-old singer/songwriter delivers deeply personal lyrics that delve into feelings of being haunted by the past with no escape. The song masterfully builds up to a rich tapestry of instrumentation, complete with strings, that envelope the powerful vocal lines.

Allexa Bash - Dark Angels

‘Stay’ is the glowing ballad from Allexa Bash, a Ukraine-hailing artist now based in the Middle East. The singer’s classical music background comes to the fore in ‘Stay’, with virtuosic string lines countering vocal melodies and dramatic percussion. Allexa’s cinematic style is further demonstrated across the ‘Dark Angels’ album.

Go Hawaii - 'Coastal'

Go Hawaii showcases their nostalgic blend of hazy guitar riffs and distant, dreamy vocals on their new Coastal track. Reminiscent of late 2000s dreampop, the duo drive their sound forward with lo-fi drums and a melancholic perspective that will make you instantly fall in love.

Scattered Ashes - 'This New Will'

Scattered Ashes are bold and unrelenting on their new track ‘This New Will’, an infectious offering that sees the band explore the murkier underbelly of the Post-Punk sound. ‘This New Will’ speaks of disintegration and rebirth and is a call for action in the face of despair, expressed aptly in the lyric: ‘It looks so much better with my eyes closed…

Damien Mcfly - 'Slowly Fade Away'

Italian Folk-Pop sensation Damien McFly is set to share his heart wrenching new anthem ‘Slowly Fade Away’, an addictive blend of cascading piano and emotional pop melodies delivered through Damien’s signature, soaring vocals.

Rona Mac - 'Shades of Ham'

Musician, producer, songwriter and West Wales caravan-dweller Rona Mac shares her new EP ‘Shades of Ham’. She takes a gritty, folk-infused sound that’s in-keeping with her rural surroundings and turns it on it’s head with an injection of refreshing alt-pop production.

The Ologys - 'I Just Wish I Could Have Told You'

The Ology’s return with their upbeat new single ‘IJWICHTY (I Just Wish I Could Have Told You)’, a track with Beatles-esque riffs and a retro, slow-rock vibe with a hint of psychedelia. Vocal melodies are delivered in complimentary, harmonic layers, giving the song an eclectic, singalong feel reminiscent of hazy summer days.


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