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Blog Playlist #26

Pictured: Bota Butterfly

Lucia - Voices

Dance-Pop artist and producer Lucia returns with another throwback anthem to get you moving and an equally infectious music video that encapsulates Lucia’s dance worthy sound perfectly.

Small Words - Danger

Small Words’ euphoric bop ‘Danger’ is the feel-good track you need to take you into Spring with a chart-worthy sound that looks at the bittersweet nature of relationships.

Marrgxela - Talk 2 Me

Marrgxela’s smooth new R&B track ‘Talk 2 Me’ fuses dynamic beats and candid lyricism, perfect for your chilled playlists.

Ray Blue - ‘Work’

Tenor Saxophanist Ray Blue released his album ‘Work’ just before the pandemic hit, and he’s now taking his show on the road across Europe. The album features arrangements of Jazz classics that anybody with a musical ear can appreciate!

These Brittle Bones - ‘England’

Ambient, Electronic powerhouse These Brittle Bones’ latest single ‘England’ is stirring and trance-inducing with meditative beats to soothe your soul.

Bota Butterfly - ‘Drop’

Pop fans are in for a treat with ‘Drop’ from Bota Butterfly. The video’s mesmerising visuals will captivate you along with her angelic vocals.


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