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Blog Playlist #28

Emily Coupe - One To Blame

Emily Coupe’s new track ‘One To Blame’ is a display of resilience with a distinct Pop/Country flair.

George Wilks - Feel Alive

George Wilks channels a Classic and contemporary piano sound on his latest, genre-defying offering, ‘Feel Alive’.

Warning Signal - ‘Nightmare’

Prepare to be blown away by Warning Signal’s addictive, Pop/Metal sound. Their new track ‘Nightmare’ is a distorted work of art!

Alan Bonner - Before The Half Light - Selected Works

An album that shows off the best of Alan Bonner’s musical output so far, ‘Before The Half Light- Selected Works’ is an eclectic myriad of sounds to both warm and soothe your soul.

Go Hawaii - Kelowna

Having drawn comparisons to the likes of Black Marble and Cathedral Bells, ‘Kelowna’ is the hazy new synth-driven single from Venetian Pop duo Go Hawaii.

Chintzy Stetson - Tight Bend

Chintzy Stetson’s piercing vocals and dreamy melodies will have you hooked on ‘Tight Bend’.

Leo. - Too Hot To Touch

After the success of his track ‘Despair’ in 2019, leo. shows that he has a lot more to offer with the captivating ‘Too Hot To Touch’.

MOLTENO - Element 1

MOLTENO shares their dreamy soundscape on new EP ‘Element 1’, showcasing Dream-pop, R&B and trip-hop beats.


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