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Blog Playlist #3

Today is good Friday, the first of 3 instalments in what is bound to be a subdued Easter - but we're fine with that. The sun is shining, and we're greeted with a new array of music from the brightest sparks on the market. Let the listening commence:

Teddy Jackson, a New Zealand native and newcomer to the London music scene, makes his debut with dreamy road trip visuals to his first self-produced track “Pretty Runaways”. On a previous trip to Los Angeles, Teddy sparked fiery chemistry with someone which transformed into a whirlwind 3-day road trip across California and provided inspiration from which Pretty Runaways would be created. Watch it here.

"One Last Time" is a gloriously crafted hit, packed with punchy grooves as well as hooky bass licks and adlibs. It comes straight from the heart of Tom Pointer, a London boy with tonnes of soul and bags of potential, give it some love on Spotify here.

Brighton based Malaysian born songwriter Kaisha cites influences ranging from H.E.R, Mac Ayres and The Internet, yet her sound is still distinctly her own. Kaisha’s track "Shoulda Known" showcases the heights of her hypnotic and captivating vocal, setting the tone perfectly for her upcoming 5-track EP. Neatly composed, the track illustrates Kaisha’s vision for hooks and ear alluring melodies. Check it out here.

Proven heavy hitter Reece Lemonius is back with "Bad Guy", an impeccably penned feel-good offering of much needed musical relief. It collects heart-sinking lyrics, soothing vocals and intricate elements that combine into this 808 wonder of a track. Listen here.


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