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Blog Playlist #31

Pictures: PleasureInc.

Huwbergine - 'Back Then'

Huwbergine gives us playful nostalgia on his fresh bop 'Back Then'

Jennings Couch - 'Little Boy'

Jennings Couch pens a letter to his younger self on his captivating anthem 'Little Boy'

PleasureInc. - 'Croissant'

Witty lyrics meet 90s production of PleasureInc.'s irresistible new offering 'Croissant'

The Chase - 'Not The F*cking Game Show'

Chaotic guitarwork meets commercial sensibilities on The Chase's infectious debut EP 'Not The F*cking Game Show'

Burlington - 'Daylight Sipping'

Immerse yourself in Burlington's new album 'Daylight Sipping', complete with infectious Pop melodies and driving rhythms.

House Of Miagi - 'Too Late'

House Of Miagi pins together Afrobeat, Dancehall, RnB and UK Hip-Hop with smooth lyricism.


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