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Blog Playlist #32

pictured: Couvo

Art La Marley - 'African Queen'

Art La Marley delivers an Afrobeat-infused new track with an ample dose of Reggae.

Bambibrains - 'John Doe'

Bambibrains takes inspiration from the likes of Mika and Scissor Sisters on his new track 'John Doe'

Lisa Canny - 'Medicine'

Lisa Canny delivers delicate melodies and heartfelt lyrics on 'Medicine'

Snowfish - 'Maybe'

Snowfish deliver Alt-Rock perfection on their immersive new track 'Maybe'

leo. - 'Don't Mind Me'

leo. returns with the delectable, Parisian-sounding 'Don't Mind Me'

Alexander Carson - 'I Swam'

Alexander Carson's beautifully arranged new track 'I Swam' is a Neo-Classical gem

Alexa. - 'Twenty-Something'

Alexa. reflects on her adolescence and the woman she is becoming on the wistful 'Twenty-Something'

Couvo - 'A Prayer'

Couvo proves he is a powerful songwriter with his lamenting new track 'A Prayer'

Nova ft. Jeremy Mbiba- 'No Fear'

Nova delivers hard-hitting beats on her new track 'No Fear'


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