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Blog Playlist #33

Alexis Kings - 'Sundaze'

Alexis Kings deliver blissful Funk-Pop on their new single 'Sundaze'

Elly - 'Robbed'

Elly is the definition of sonic bliss on her Pop-tinged, R&B single 'Robbed'

Nicholas Laget - 'LIGHT'

Nicholas Laget proves that Neo-Classical music is alive and well with his silky-smooth new EP 'LIGHT'

Sweet Randi Love and the Love Thang Band - 'Yes To Life'

Sweet Randi Love teams up with Ike Turner JR and Jack Spade on her feel-good track 'Yes To Life'

Liam Vincent & The Odd Foxes - 'Watching You'

Liam Vincent & The Odd Foxes give us a fast and furious, politically-charged tune in the form of 'Watching You'

Kiskadee - 'Cali Roll'

Kiskadee delivers an irresistible summer banger with 'Cali Roll'

Dylan Joshua - 'Shordies Vs The Internet'

Dylan Joshua explores internet culture through is honest lens, complete with hard-hitting bass on 'Shordies Vs The Internet'

Khadi Lee - 'Sneaky Link'

We can't get enough of Khadi Lee's new EP 'Sneaky Link', filled with R&B melodies and super-smooth, sultry Pop.

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