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Blog Playlist #35

The Ivy - ‘Too Much’

Oklahoma-based indie pop duo The Ivy newest single 'Too Much' is infectious with a grooving bassline and lyrics that explore the all-too-common concept oversharing.

Edge Of The World - ‘Signs’

Edge Of The World release new album 'Signs.' An album that swings from fast-paced bangers to slower, sing-along worthy Rock ballads.

The Perfumers - ‘American Model’

The Perfumers blend the Alt-Pop sensibilities of the likes of The 1975 with huge, echoing vocal lines and irresistible riffs on ‘American Model.'

Cris Cap - ‘Feel The Love’

Think funky lines, a dripping Fender Rhodes piano, hot guitars and touching lyrics are all present on Cris Cap's newest release 'Feel The Love.'

Alto Key - 'wondrous life'

Alto Key's new offering 'wondrous life' is the ultimate summer song that's been inspired by the joys of love and life.

Luxury Goods - 'Again'

Hailing from Sheffield, the band present their own mould, mixing ambience, catchy guitar hooks and infectious drums together in their latest single 'Again.'

Jacob Humber - ‘Jesus at My Dining Room Table'

Tackling religion is never an easy topic, but addressed well by Jacob Humber, who presents his opinion on religion in the form of the indie-folk infused ‘Jesus at My Dining Room Table.'

Tenacity - ‘Out Of The Dark’

Four-piece Tenacity fuse ambient soundscapes with celestial vocals and subtle electronica for a laidback feel in their latest single 'Out Of The Dark.'

Luc as Rich - 'Fools Gold'

Luc as Rich is the project of a one man band, created by Dutch producer and vocalist Lucas, and now he releases with his latest offering ‘Fool’s Gold’, an R&B-tinged, electronic Pop heartbreak bop.

Tender Glue - 'My Sweetest Tone'

Tender Glue's latest single 'My Sweetest Tone' is drooling with bass and ever-flowing rhythms, this song will take you on a sympathetic journey many can relate to.

Xav Clarke - 'Magic Arrow'

Xav's debut solo album, the trippy and dreamy 'Magic Arrow,' is a colourful melting pot overflowing with existential poetry, deep rhythms, and wide-eyed melodies.

11th Story - ‘Lady Liberty'

11th Story empowers the listener to question their society on their new track ‘Lady Liberty.' The track is an impassioned plea for transparency through a cinematic, slow Rock lens- complete with incredible electric guitar solos.

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