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Blog Playlist #36

This week's hottest new music picks.

Pictured: Matilda Bond

Grimm Lynn - ‘Cold One’

A tropical R&B offering with soulful vocal lines.

JYDN HILL - ‘Shame On You’

JYDN HILL brings evocative vocals and self-reflection.

Dana Karic - ‘My Love’

Dana gives us a throwback groove on her irresistible new pop single.

National Service - ‘Milktooth’

Spacious guitars and brooding bass lines from the London three-piece.

The Millennial Club - ‘When it’s Just You & I’

The So-Cal band brings an atmospheric pop EP to the table.

Leo. - ‘Letters From Dreamland’

A soothing and emotional album from singer-songwriter leo.

King Jai ft. JABO - ‘Houdini’

Atmospheric melody and hard-hitting beats

Kimber - ‘Think I Know The Answer’

Kimber bring warming synths on this heartfelt track

Matilda Bond - ‘Charm’

An ethereal, soulful offering from the Swedish artist.

Fleeting Persuasion - ‘Night Arrives’

Melancholy and reverb from Fleeting Persuasion.

Kierra Da Goddess - ‘From The Manic Pixie Dream Girl’

Empowering Rock n Roll from singer/songwriter Kierra.

KAYBLE - ‘The Silence You Asked For’

An emotional, Alternative anthem from Bristol artist KAYBLE.

Will Purdue - ‘Missing Piece’

Hazy, Country-infused track that was recorded on a barge!

Jada O’Neill ft. Maniscooler - ‘Can I Just’

Silky-smooth R&B offering from Jada O’Neill with production from Maniscooler.

Tenacity - ‘Long Faint Lights’

An atmospheric, Electronic-infused album from London band Tenacity.


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