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Blog Playlist #38

John Dhali - IN TIME LP

John Dhali pushes through the darkness to shine his light with his new album ‘IN TIME LP’

CAii - Communicate

A bold pop anthem from Manchester producer CAii

Phoebe Hall - Through The Phone

Honest bedroom pop with a lo-fi tinge

Kimber - House In The Sky

The Yorkshire duo explore the perils of nostalgia on their new single.

HOAX - b?

A 17-track concept album exploring a philosophical question, ‘b?’ will have you questioning everything.

Brookfield Line - Pick Me Up

Brookfield Line share a real melting pot of melodies on their retro single ‘Pick Me Up’.

Zach James Douglas - You’re Still Everything

Tumbling melodies and intricate production from the Irish artist.

Gleneagle - That Dream (Is Over)

Gleneagle explore the pleasures of living in the moment on ‘That Dream (Is Over)’

Chez - Could’ve Been EP

A shimmering and smooth pop EP from newcomer Chez.

Saige - Sparks

Saige looks back on naive teenage love on ‘Sparks’.

Nat Oaks - London Town

A soulful look into moving to the big city from Nat Oaks.

Shakota - TOO FAST

A laid back, melodic Indie offering from the 20 year-old musician.

Pxrv - Summertime

An anthemic track with nods to Afro and UK Hip-Hop sounds.

ALESSANA - Dirty Bathwater

A unique Indie-Soul cut from the London artist.

Crispin - Lover Lover

A dynamic pop offering from newcomer Crispin.


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